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February 12, 2018



We were installing three different displays this weekend at Uniqlo’s flagship store on Oxford Street all in aid of their UT range of unique t-shirts.

Much like their UT philosophy we designed, produced and installed a unique display which perfectly highlights the huge number of designers, brands and designs all available within the range.
‘A t-shirt is more than just a t-shirt. It’s an expression of who you are. Where you’ve been. What you love. And with hundreds of limited edition t-shirts to choose from each year, you’ll always find one that says exactly how you feel. That’s the UT philosophy. ut.uniqlo.com‘
Starting as you walk into the store we installed a large base unit with vertical upright posts – on each upright post is a row of rotatable blocks allowing customers to spin which reveals a different design. This kinetic element turns a simple display into something much more interactive.
The blocks are made using two paired pieces of precision machined oak. The post then runs through a routed out core allowing the block to turn.
Each block has sprayed black edges which tie in nicely with the posts and on the front/back of the blocks we have added adhesive magnetic sheeting onto which we then offered up direct to media Ferrous printed graphics.
This means the block graphics can be changed easily and as often as Uniqlo may wish. It’s highly versatile and the finish is very smart.
The largest block has the fixed UT logo lock-up, made from cut acrylic lettering with the philosophy mentioned above added in white cut vinyl.
The overall look and feel is fun and unique which perfectly compliments the UT campaign.

Moving up to the 3rd floor which is the main area in the store displaying UT products (along with an area to create your very own design and have it printed) we have transformed the entire back wall into a panelled graphic display and added additional shelving for stock.
The back wall consists of four separate panels, divided by gorgeous black iron pillars which is in keeping with the more stylistic, vintage look and feel of this area – iron, dark wood effect and steel.
Each panel has static framed graphics to the top half and the shelving along the bottom.
We have used the same method as we used for the unit on the ground floor – individual pieces of Magnetic sheeting directly adhered to the back panels topped with printed ferrous graphics. These are framed with edge to edge wooden surround which finishes off the wall nicely.
The ferrous prints are very thin and light and again can be put up and taken down very easily.
The logo used here is made using cut acrylic but this time we have lifted this off the back panel slightly and placed a panel of LED lighting behind this gives the logo a glowing halo effect which really brings the area to life.

One more floor up and you come to our giant abacus (well, that’s what we’re calling it!). Similar to the ground floor unit, these four wall bays have been transformed to house horizontal posts with spinning block graphics. Each block has a different graphic which supports the UT campaign and can be gently spun by customers. Not only does this mean they can explore the various designs and images available but it also means that they can change the overall look and feel of the entire wall by flipping the blocks. These posts are all installed using tension posts rather than screwing and drilling into the Uniqlo fixtures which means installation (and de-rigg) was less abrasive and damaging to the existing shop fit.
The kinetic element used here provides interest and an touch of fun to the area.
Briefs like this are always a pleasure to work on – creatively we love thinking of new ways to display products that customers (and clients) are used to seeing. This project allowed us to play with the hundreds of unique graphics which make up this very unique evolving collection – we feel that the finished product expresses this and can also be ever changing just like the collection itself.
Creative displays and VM treatments are what we do best so if you have an idea or concept needing some development or finishing touches then let us know.

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