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August 18, 2018



Bright Leaf Visual Merchandising were recently asked to design, produce and install a Kids Collection window for Uniqlo UK at their flagship 311 Oxford Street store.

This is a first for the clothing brand as they have never devoted an entire window over to the children’s wear collection so Bright Leaf were thrilled to be working on such an exciting project.

Having being given the theme ‘woodland’ Bright Leaf instantly thought of tree houses and natural materials. 

And so, what began as a traditional ‘tree house’ concept Bright Leaf quickly evolved the overall idea into a more dynamic woodland scene featuring a giant natural wooden tree, wooden animals, real bark wood chips and CAD cut paper leaves lazily cascading from large wooden branches. 

Using Origami and geometric 3D shapes and patterns as inspiration the team provided Uniqlo with three varying concepts. The chosen concept focuses on natural materials; those you would expect to see in a woodland park or garden though with a twist. 

Working together with Signature CNC, a company specialising in Computer Aided Machining, Bright leaf developed their initial design which was then brought to life via layers and layers of plywood. They utilised the latest Router and Laser cutting technology in order to achieve the fantastic fabrication and effect for the large tree and animals. Using digital 3D models the software used by Signature CNC produces the item as a series of slices which when expertly pieced together create the wooden figures – Bright Leaf opted to use different thicknesses of plywood for different animals in order to retain some detail and shape.

The large tree, just over three meters tall, is by far the centre piece to the window, yet the smaller bespoke animals provide intrigue. 

These smaller animals include two sizes of deer, a fox, fairytale style toadstools along with an owl perched on the branch, a squirrel and rabbit. 

The leaves were creating using a bespoke branch/leaf design and CAD cut in-house using G F Smith Colourplan card then added carefully to the window ceiling grid and branches to provide the effect of hanging branches and leaves. The Autumnal colours (purposely blending in nicely with the Kid’s collection clothing) provide a welcome pop of colour against all the natural wood tones.

To complete the scene and bring the window to life a ladder and swing were added which the mannequins, stylishly dressed by the Uniqlo in-house VM team, interact with.  

To finish the window Bright Leaf included a small directional sign made from the same ply wood with embossed text. 

The window is proving to stop customers in the street inviting them in to explore the Uniqlo Kids Collection.

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