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November 28, 2017



We were recently tasked with creating bespoke props for the Uniqlo flagship children’s department.

We were recently tasked with creating bespoke props for the Uniqlo flagship children’s department.

Taking origami shapes and characters as the basis and inspiration for our design we needed to create life-size 3D playful props that represent Christmas. We opted for a Santa Claus, two Elves and a 2 meter Christmas Tree.

Santa and Elves

Here at Bright Leaf we love getting creative and using our hands, so we begun this project by making an origami Santa using plain paper. After a couple of attempts we’d cracked it and so we could then begin to think about how to turn the 2D version into a more 3 dimensional character.

To do this we thought about box templates, printing and cardboard engineering. We decided that if we created a little lower half for this trousers, a top section for his face and beard and then a little hat on top that we could stack up we would end up with a play on Russian Doll style of doll that would also still remind you of the origami inspired lines and folds.

We then got to work creating a mini prototype of the three different sections. Once we were happy with the shapes (and full scale sizes) we set about designing the print layer; their clothes and faces. We wanted each side to be the same so that if the prop was spinning or on display in the centre of the department you would be able to see the graphics 360. We sketched these onto the plain paper so we could begin to see our vision come to life.

Keeping to the shapes and angles produced on our origami Santa, and sticking to the traditional colours which we felt were perfect for a kids display we completed our design and had the final artwork signed off.

This was then sent into production – to be printed and cut onto E flute cardboard. We fixed together the largest pieces (as they couldn’t be printed in one single piece) and built the life-size Santa and Elves. Standing 1.6m tall our Santa certainly has a cheeky look about him and the 1m tall Elves also look suitably festive.

Christmas Tree

In a similar way to the Santa and Elf, we began making the tree using traditional origami methods, and then to fit in with the little characters opted to create a tree out of 3D triangles, from big to small. We kept this plain green so that they could pop their own decorations (stickers) to the outside.

With all the boxes pre-made we popped them round the corner to the Uniqlo Oxford Street store where they are now displayed on the kids floor. A really fun, creative project.

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