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January 15, 2020



We had just one week to manufacture three interactive props for Escape London Events so we were certainly against the clock just like the teams about to take part in the game.

Little did we know that they would be used in a Premier League Football Team Betfair Escape Room Challenge.

Arsenal FC players Danny Welbeck, Petr Cech and Per Mertesacker go head to head with Arsenal invincibles Martin Keown and Ray Parlour to escape the manager’s office.

The teams had five challenges to solve in under 20 minutes, three of which we proudly helped to create. Check out the teams in action here.

1. The Tactics Board

A Football Manager favourite, the tactics board played an important role as one of the escape clues. We were asked to create an interactive board that released a key when the players were correctly placed in the right formation.

The board was wall mounted and used a magnetic process to allow a hatch to release the key!

2. The Foosball Table

Now we’d be telling fibs if we said we made the whole table- we didn’t. We were asked to find a solution to prevent participants from reaching onto the pitch. Very simply we constructed a raised and then curved clear acrylic topper that sat nicely on top of the table so that cheating wouldn’t be an option.

3. Secret Library Door

Like all good Mystery stories there needed to be a secret escape route- and this one was in the form of a Library bookcase.

Using faux book spines fabricated into a vintage, detailed timber frame we created a bespoke bookcase style doorway. The nifty part is that when the team deciphered the correct code and punched it into the keypad within the bookcase the door would spring open revealing the escape route.

We had a lot of fun producing these props, especially as we had a feeling they would be used for something pretty special.

Hopefully by viewing the plans, photos and YouTube video you’ll be able to follow the stages of how we fabricate items from an initial idea into a fully working finished product.

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