Nothing says Christmas like sparkly crystals and snow. The intricate make up of snow flakes (under a microscope of course) mirror the intricate facets of crystals, each one unique.

This year Swarovski tasked us with adding a little something extra to 11 boutique locations around the UK to really send out a festive Christmas message to their customers.

Following a brief at Swarovski HQ, we set to work looking for specialist sparkly vinyls and realistic snow balls which we could half and fix externally to the glass providing a 2D and 3D snow scene above their existing (very beautiful) product displays. Although we found the perfect materials the brief changed slightly which meant we were on the look out for full snow balls which would create drops of snowballs internally behind their existing window displays. Along with this we required velvet finish santa hats and various Swarovski blue boxes with red ribbon to place along the floor of their window areas.

Boxes and Ribbon

We’re no strangers to a box template – in fact we made similar boxes for Swarovski last year, however, this year we needed to adapt the graphics and templates slightly as not only did they need singular boxes placed on the floor but they required stacked boxes at a jaunty angle. We achieved this by adding small cut out holes to the templates so that when the box was fully assembled we could place a rod through the boxes which would keep them upright and allow them to be at differing angles.

The boxes were DTM printed and made using E-flute, super light weight and really easy to put together.

Having sampled a few different ribbons, as we wanted to ensure the ribbon was an exact match to the Swarovski window concepts, we were pleased to find the perfect dark, rich, red in 25mm thickness which added the finished touch to the boxes.

Each of the 11 locations received a set of 12 boxes per window display which allowed our installers to get creative and fill spaces to creative a gift giving scene.


Snow Ball Bars

Here at Bright Leaf we like to use our hands and get creative. We spoke to our supplier and a couple of days later 3000+ fire rated, snow covered polystyrene balls in three different dimensions arrived. Following a rough plan (and starting with large balls at the top and tiny balls at the bottom) we set about stringing the snow ball onto 2mm white nylon which would hang from the ceiling and drop behind the Swarovski window box display. We opted to use a special white nylon, most often used in sailing, rather than clear nylon wire because the colour added to the over affect, it doesn’t stretch and it can hold excessive weights.

Each string of snow balls was tied to specially made 70mm length, 5mm clear acrylic flat bars with pre drilled holes. Each bar has five drops of various length snow ball strings bagged up and ready for installation. The number of bars for each location differed owing to the width and size of their window display.


We hope you’ll agree that the windows look suitably festive and the addition of our snow balls and boxes really help promote their Christmas tag line #givebrilliant.

If you have a window concept you need bringing to life then why not drop us an email or give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to help. We can be as involved as you need us to be, from full on creative concept design to sourcing props and installation.