About this project

Bright Leaf were invited by one of our clients, TAG Heuer, to design their space for the prestigious festival of speed within the grounds at Goodwood House in Chichester. TAG Heuer are the sponsors for the festival for 3 years, with this year being the first, so maximum impact when showcasing the brand was key.

As sponsors, they are granted a 21metre x 7.5metre pavilion boutique within the grounds of Goodwood and also the brand gets the opportunity to dominate the coveted Drivers Club space – being the only brand within that area. We looked at the well established brand and developed a theme that would flow all throughout the drivers club areas; the reception area where drivers such as Jenson button check in and register for the festival, the main dining room for 360 VIP quests and also the exclusive Carrera Bar for which there are only 60 tickets issued per day of the 4 day festival.

Our theme was based around the precision craft of the watchmaker, taking detailed timepiece elements and exploding them to produce huge, steel pieces of art that featured on our history wall within reception, where a screen displayed footage detailing the watchmakers history and it’s founding ambassador Jack Heuer.

We then followed this theme through to their pavilion – with modern, stylish design & finishing. We created a VIP walkway to the west of the structure so that Celebrity drivers could pass through the structure into the rest of the festival. We used luxurious, tactile materials such as brushed steel for our bar areas and brown leather to clad the wall behind the animation pieces, providing the perfect, elite backdrop to the story and historic timepieces from the brands heritage, namely the watch that was work by Steve McQueen in the film speed.

We were extremely honoured to be a part of such an amazing event and to work once again with such an elite brand.