Hi, I’m Elsa.

I’ve been completing my work experience with Brightleaf over the last 2 weeks and it has been fab! Before I started I had a half formed idea of what visual merchandising was, “ three – dimensional displays in order to maximise sales” as google says, however, in these 2 weeks, despite not being able to experience everything Brightleaf do, I have learnt so much about the behind the scenes of advertising, creative roles and VM –  like what the process is for creating those crazy window displays you so often see on the high street.  

I have also really enjoyed being thrust into their whirlwind job. There is a constant stream of bonkers jobs for them to do, most of which using a lot of creativity and coming up with ‘out of the box’ ideas – something out of the ordinary and searching for things that seem to be very hard to find. But somehow they have the expertise to make things happen and get things out the door. 

Unlike many other places, I was given proper work to do along with responsibilities which I was more than happy to receive because it meant I was actually able to get a feel for proper working life – I was treated like an adult! Overall it was such a great experience and I’m really going to miss the Brightleaf team! 

[ We’ve loved having Elsa here too – such a breath of fresh air, thank you for all your hard work an support – TEAM BL ]