Over the past week we have been travelling up and down the UK installing the TAG Heuer Connected window Animations in the luxury watch boutiques. 

We receive the animations in our central London studio, allocate out the correct items and then forward them on to the locations for installation by our experienced Bright Leaf VM team.  
We are supplied artwork by TAG Heuer HQ and we then created DTM printed hexagons to insert into the existing units to showcase the Connected 41mm watch and created a bespoke sized reverse printed colour-white-colour, optically clear vinyl for each boutique.  The vinyls applied to their window doors (behind the display) are specially printed by us allowing you to see through to the luxury boutiques while still creating an exciting colourful window backdrop with slightly less opacity to a solid image. This also allows the store staff to see out of the store. 

On installation day, our installers arrive to meet the kit and using the centrally provided guidelines we install the various sized and coloured hexagons to the existing internal window unit. They are careful to ensure equal spacing so each window is mirrored and reflects the guidelines perfectly. The vinyl’s are applied to the front window, again always adhering to the guidelines provided by the LVMH group. The final  touch is the installation of the back ground vinyls added to the back doors to the secure window areas which completes the VM treatment. 
This is a great example of when we work with a client to install and support their existing visual merchandising applications. If needed we can provide further advice in terms of materials and placements but when we have detailed guidelines we know just how to follow them to ensure both the UK client and the central teams are pleased with the end result.