Free from wires, Bright Leaf install the new Bra campaign at the Uniqlo flagship store on Oxford Street, London.

Window display –¬†The new Bra campaign is light, fresh and free, which meant that the VM treatment had to express the same feeling. Utilising the in-house Uniqlo window design concept we provided extra large banners and full floor to ceiling voile drapes which gives the impression of a ladies dressing area. The voiles are light and airy which links to the freedom of the wireless bras. The bust forms are clear, so almost not even there and the small room set (rug, armchair and cushions) are a nod to the video advertisement and still life images which form the campaign.

What we love about these windows is the spinning mannequins and the simplicity of the wireless message. There are three different styles available (soft, light and relax) each with it’s own colour logo which corresponds to the banners, product tags and directs you nicely when you are in-store shopping in the department.


In-store treatment –¬†Using the window concept as our inspiration we opted to mirror the banner and voile set-up but in a scaled down version. Blue graduated printed voiles hang softly from the ceiling down to just above the floor with the graphic printed banners hanging in front and behind so that you can see the images from both sides. The base is vinyl covered using a printed floorboard image. On top is a rug which matches the rug in the window.

Clear bust mannequins stand to the front of the display with full body white mannequins (Uniqlo’s own) are positioned on the reverse. Both the window and in-store treatment look feminine and play on the feeling of freedom Uniqlo wished to portray.


Working closely with clients to produce and install their vision is so rewarding. Taking a 2D image and turning it in to a full working display is just one of our services – check out our service area to find out more including project management and consultancy.