‘Tales of Romance’ is the strap line used for this years Valentine’s campaign at luxury Tea retailer The East India Company. We have transformed their current window scheme allowing them to create an eye catching, elegant Valentine’s window to highlight their new range of tea, chocolate and gifts.

The Chakra window scheme (click here to read more about this), cleverly allowed us to use the same plinths and format which could be easily manipulated to create a totally different look and feel; by changing vinyls and floral stems we transformed a very white, clean living style window treatment into a much warmer, romantic vision.

Utilising the matt white acrylic plinths, we wrapped the main central plinth with their beautifully simple packaging graphics – based on love letters and fine line floral drawings. This was printed on optically clear vinyl.
We filled the clear toppers with rose heads and then atop the plinths we positioned the Valentine’s range.

From the ceiling we fixed thirty upside down roses in a triangular configuration which draws your eye to the centre of the window and the product below.
The roses were selected for their perfect light pink hue and their realistic petals and leaves.
The strap line which features on the product needed to be added to the glass and we opted for a dusty pink, metallic cut letter vinyl in the centre of the glass which again ties in nicely to their product packaging.

The finishing touch is one single red rose which marries up with the product packaging. Again, the rose is a faux hybrid tea rose with very rich colour and gorgeous detail.


As each of their stores is unique, we varied the style of the window in two further locations – Covent Garden Piazza and Edinburgh. In keeping with the scheme, we continued to hang upside down roses but the formation was different in each location.

This was a relatively simple but effective change in order to highlight a new product range – if you have a new product range or need any support with visual merchandising, window treatments and/or in-store displays then get in touch and we’d love to help.