Bright Leaf designed, produced and installed wall panel signage for Uniqlo’s flagship store on Oxford Street and installed last night…

If you have been following our movements you may think you’re seeing double as we were briefed last year to create wall bay signage for Uniqlo‘s Supima Cotton t-shirt range which involved acrylic cut letters, acrylic 3D icons and sprayed MDF panels, not to mention very realistic faux cotton in it’s raw form. We installed this in October 2017 and the signage stayed in place for a number of months, including during the busy Christmas period.

Following some floor moves (and Sale), Uniqlo wanted to refresh the same signage but this time to support their new product Compact Cotton t-shirts and vests. Utilising the same icon images – as the cotton production process remains the same – we reinstalled the signage but with a couple of adaptations.

We produced new skins and cut new 5mm matt white acrylic lettering – the result is a really strong in-store display calling out the new Compact Cotton product in new Spring colours. It’s great when the materials can be refreshed and re-used again. The panels themselves fit perfectly into the wall bays using fixings that suit the existing shelf holes which means there is no damage or additional holes required.

If you’re looking for support with in-store signage, get in touch either via email or phone and we’ll be sure to help.