The East India Company Christmas Campaign

East India Company Christmas Windows

We love working with new and old friends and this Christmas we were approached by some new friends at the East India Company. Now, these guys know tea better than anyone else, along with coffee, biscuits and incredible tea sets so we knew from the initial brief that these windows would require something very intricate and special.

Taking their Christmas packaging and gift wrap as the instal inspirations and their stunning kaleidoscope design made up from all the different patterns connected to their brand from around the world we were tasked to design and implement Christmas windows in five locations:

Conduit Street – their flagship store in London.

Covent Garden Piazza and Long Acre – two very unique stores at the heart of the tourist epicentre.

Edinburgh – a beautiful store with very specific windows and central in-store design.

Westfield – not exactly a window but we needed to create a festive element in this concessional area.

Following site visits we began working on samples, materials and renders so that when we presented our pitch to the team they could really visualise our ideas and envision how thy would fit into their windows.

The pitch went well and they loved our ideas, we even thought up a few additional treats with them during the meeting. This is what we love the most, working closely with our client so ideas bounce off each other.

With the concept signed off, along with a few additional elements, we went to work planning the quantities of each item and how each store would be installed.

Below is a breakdown of the elements we produced:

Hanging Kaleidoscopes

DTM printed frame, cut to shape and mounted onto an acrylic gold mirror circle. Drilled and fixed together to ensure stability.

Red baubles and faux Holly stems

To scatter amongst the shelves, on counter displays and in the windows.

Gold cut vinyl on glass

One of the EIC stand out assets has to be their gorgeous gold detailing. Whether that be their connection lines, repeat patterns or text. The cut lettering would add a taste of Christmas to their windows.

Triangular Prism Risers and window base boards

Made from Gold mirror acrylic, 3D triangular prisms in various heights and widths which would be used as risers in the windows as well as bases for specific products within the store.

Shelf Kits (base boards and Kaleidoscopes)

Smaller versions of the Kaleidoscope foamed cut out to be placed alongside products or at the back of shelves to complement the gold mirror bases under christmas products.

Spinning Platforms

For use in windows, gold spinning platforms to sit on top of the triangular prism risers so that hero products such as teapots or christmas inspired teas can be showcased effectively. The moving element also helps attract a customers eye as they walk past. The light would pick up the mirrored areas and great a ‘glitter ball’ effect around the window.

A-Board Graphics

3mm foamed panels, DTM printed with the EIC graphics and placed onto A-Boards to continue the Christmas concept in and outside the store.

Plinth wrap

For the Westfield Concession we needed to wrap their main circular fixture to bring some of the concept into the area.

We hope you’l agree that all the elements added a ref sense of tradition to the EIC windows and in-store display.

The rich colours and textures teamed with the Christmas packaging and hampers provides a real sense of luxurious Christmas.

Check out initial renders and the finished product following installation below:


Close up Of Kaleidoscope_01-1

Window Option2_01