The trees are blossoming around London and the Bright Leaf Studio has a lovely sunny vibe (despite the weather) as Spring and Summer campaigns start to make their way into windows up and down the high street.
In just under a month the doors will open to this years RHS Chelsea Flower Show and we’re looking forward to popping down the road to experience it.

All things ecological, fresh and tropical feature in this years hottest visual trends so we suspect the show will provide us with tonnes of inspiration for forthcoming Summer and Fall campaigns (not to mention for our own little gardens at home).

Nigel Dunnett’s ‘Greening Grey Britain’ garden will definitely be on our visit list as it’s aim is to ‘highlight, demonstrate and celebrate the multiple benefits of plants and gardens in even the smallest of areas’. We’re used to making the most of the smallest of spaces so this will be interesting to see.

Likewise, Kate Goud’s ‘City Living’ is something we are keen to see as the idea behind this garden is to bring useable, attractive gardens to urban spaces.
As detailed online ‘These multi-level gardens highlight the importance of greening inner city spaces, not only for residents’ enjoyment but also to benefit the environment as a whole’.

The same can be said for bringing living scenes into a retail environment- although it can be a logistical nightmare (no-one wants to see dead flowers in a window display) the overall effect can be very impactful- certainly something that would stop a customer in their tracks. The same effect can be obtained using artificial and dried flowers which are always a great alternative to fresh.

As always we are also really looking forward to visiting the Great Pavilion as the colours and varieties of flowers on display are always so vivid and visually stunning.
If you’re around between the 23rd and 27th May try to get a ticket and get yourself over!