Ever wonder how many helium balloons it would take to lift you up? This is just one of the crazy questions that ran through our heads whilst preparing for our next install.

Later on this evening we’re going to be getting creative with balloons in celebration of a special anniversary event at the UNIQLO global flagship store on Oxford Street, London.

Using hundreds of helium filled balloons we’re planning on keeping things simple yet playful to further enhance the brands already unique style. The use of balloons for high profile events has become rather en-vogue of late- and not just in retail- weddings, gigs and private parties continue to use balloon art which can often create strong, eye-catching scenes using simple materials.

If you’re in London town this weekend be sure to check out the excitement.

Oh, and if you’re wondering we’d need just under 5720 balloons to lift you up, up and away…we’ll be using a little less so maybe we’ll try that experiment another time.