Yard and yards of linen and multiple cones of yarn are always a treat for any Visual Merchandiser because there’s just something about large quantities of the same item that creates a visually exciting scene.
These large cones of natural yarn, sourced locally in the UK, will be coming to a UNIQLO store near you later this week along with meters and meters of linen supporting their latest linen installations.

What we love about these cones of yarn is the intricate, criss cross pattern generated on the sides and the beautifully circular sequence on the top which create such a simple aesthetic. The juxtaposition of circles and crosses do not always work but here the softness of the yarn provides the right balance. It lends itself to geometric designs often seen in art and can be quite mesmerising; if you let your mind wander the patterns could even stir images of naughts and crosses or candy floss being spun at the funfair.

Cones of yarn will always provide an impactful visual display, so we’re sure you’ll see more of these again soon, especially with summer and lighter fabrics on offer for the coming season.