Our sister company, large format printers, The Graphical Tree regularly supports Turner Broadcasting, home to many channels, including The Cartoon Network.

We were delighted when this window change they required some VM expertise!

Our first outing for the broadcasting house was to include some flying Power Puff Girls, how could we say no!

They wanted us to create a scene in which the PP Girls Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles save Ted from the Villainous Mojo Jojo – in the style of a children’s playroom set up.

We held our fluffy white Ted captive in a make shift cell made from pencils so the girls could swoop down to his rescue!

With bespoke fabricated metal frames adorned with printed contra vision applied to acrylic panels we set the scene in their window space on Londons Great Marlborough Street.

CARTOON-NETWORK-POWER-PUFF-GIRLS-WINDOW-ANIMATION cartoon-network-powerpuff-girlscartoon-powerpuff-girls