Let it snow!…(flake)

TAG-Heuer-snowflake-christmas-window TAG-Heuer-snowflake-window-animationWe eagerly awaited this years seasonal campaign brief from the LVMH Watch & Jewellery Group.

We were super impressed with their vision and ever keen to help them bring Christmas to life once again.

This year the concept for our UK TAG HEUER window’s was to include delicate layers of snowflakes to grace the window glass and animation decor panels.

Striking red backdrops give the elegant flake design prominence to really stand out within each boutique.

We produced the Snowflake treatments in optically clear vinyl to really enhance the seamless scheme and provide a barely there pattern of flakes framing the windows.

The concept is completed with premium leather panels (especially flown in from Germany, don’t you know) to house the most elite of timepieces and entice the passer by.

We also enjoyed a trip to Lakeside – a new location for our TAG HEUER installs – any excuse for a little window shop!

With Christmas installs nearly all wrapped up for us Leafer’s we’re now gathering ideas for our own Chritsmas gifts *hint hint*