Swarovski – Cinderella Prop Project

Cinderella Exhibition – Leicester Square

How excited were we to be asked to make teeny, tiny red velvet steps for the Swarovski Cinderella exhibition in London’s Leicester Square!? Very!





The steps were to be for a very special purpose – to be a platform for the most elite of shoes, the Swarovski Crystal Cinderella Slipper!

We first needed to track down some luxurious red velvet baize to grace our mini palace ball steps to provide a fitting backdrop to show off the elegant piece.

We then produced a set of three prop steps in wood and upholstered them with adhesive velvet and hey presto, we shall go to the ball!

We couldn’t have been more happy to see them taking pride of place at the heart of the event allowing the crystal slipper to sparkle brightly!