Bright Leaf has worked with The East India Company to launch their Earthed Alchemy and Chakra campaigns…

Back in the middle of December, when we were feeling all festive and ready for Christmas, our friends from The East India Company headed to the studio to brief us on their new tea collections – Wellness teas, four teas which collectively create their Earthed Alchemy campaign and their Chakra teas – six new teas to support your bodies welling. The perfect tonic for January when everyone refocuses on their health and lifestyle.

We were tasked to develop their creative further to bring their windows and in-store testing areas to life.

Earthed Alchemy

This concept consisted of colour bursting from the four new teas – a fun, colourful installation.

Matcha and Turmeric, to Protect.  Barley and Mint, to Soothe. Lemongrass and Turmeric, to Relax. Gaba Oolong, to Feel Good.

Each tea has one colour taken from the all new packaging style. We matched this colour with frosted matt acrylic to produce small window decor plinths. Each plinth has a 100mm clear acrylic topper which houses authentic ingredients which is used to produce the tea. We used raw forms of each ingredient – Mint, Barley, Lemongrass, Turmeric, Oolong and Matcha- the colours of which are so vibrant and eye-catching.

On the back of each plinth is a clear acrylic CNC cut to shape burst with printed colour burst produced in the elite optically clear vinyl.

To finish off the window the tea names are attached to each plinth in gold cut lettering and the Earthed Alchemy campaign motif is fixed to the glass using cut mirror gold vinyl – The East India Company trade mark mirror gold gives the window that smart finishing touch.




In contrast to the above concept the Chakra teas symbolise clean living and clean lifestyle. The teas are titled:


The Calla Lily was selected to represent this campaign and so we took beautifully sculpted faux lilies and used them en-mass to create a strong, impactful installation. Using the same idea we created bespoke variations of this window in each of The East India Locations. As well as hanging the lilies upside down at varying heights we also used the lily heads in the clear plinth toppers to mirror the Earthed Alchemy window scheme, allowing both ranges to fuse together harmoniously.

To finish this window we added the Chakra Buddha symbol including the 6 flower shaped symbols on the main central plinth.




In-store Tester Holders

So customers can sense the aroma of the teas we were asked to create tester holders for the in-store displays. Using the Earthed Alchemy concept, test tubes were favoured by all so we worked on a bespoke tray that would house the test tubes. The final element required here were small optically clear printed stickers which fix to each test tube allowing customers to see which tea is inside. In keeping with the window installation the Earthed Alchemy teas are in matching colours to their packaging and the Chakra teas are kept simple and white. A very simple, smart solution for in store presentation. Below shows the bespoke tester holders, test tubes and labels in our studio prior to shipping.


We love working with clients to create or help develop ideas and concepts so do get in touch if you are looking for VM expertise in order to bring your vision or ideas to life.