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We had fun with hundreds of 16” helium red and white balloons filled the central tank at 311 Oxford Street and also featured in various locations across all six floors. This certainly created a party setting for the anniversary weekend event and they are still looking great today! As outlined in our services we love […]


Ever wonder how many helium balloons it would take to lift you up? This is just one of the crazy questions that ran through our heads whilst preparing for our next install. Later on this evening we’re going to be getting creative with balloons in celebration of a special anniversary event at the UNIQLO global […]


Yard and yards of linen and multiple cones of yarn are always a treat for any Visual Merchandiser because there’s just something about large quantities of the same item that creates a visually exciting scene. These large cones of natural yarn, sourced locally in the UK, will be coming to a UNIQLO store near you later […]

UNIQLO commissioned us to produce sets of totems to promote the message of their unique ultra light down garments to customers. The totems were to be featured within their flagship store and were to show the four main functions of the ULD items, including the vests, coats and jackets. We created a set of podiums […]

We recently worked with the mighty fashion brand UNIQLO to create an inviting, new feature wall within their newly re-launched flagship store on Oxford Street. The brand new store spans over 6 floors and has everything it takes to make you a happy camper shopping for every item of inner and outer wear that your […]