Bright Leaf set the scene for a very special guest appearance…

It’s not every day one of the World’s leading models, Bella Hadid, appears in London. We were extremely honoured to have been the chosen agency to set the scene as Bella launched one of TAG Heuer‘s most exquisite time pieces at their brand new Flagship boutique in London’s Oxford Street.

From floor decoration to lighting installations the boutique became the epitome of style with their Christmas window concept stretching  into the boutique from their smart window units. The elegant Christmas windows involving watch movements, stars and gold metallic vinyl was designed by the in-house TAG Heuer team and was installed by us. Below is one of the first draft renders showing the plan.


We then took elements from this concept inside exploding the same star and watch movement shapes. Cut to shape vinyls with floor seal were placed along the main walkway of the boutique creating a catwalk effect lading the way for Bella. Smaller, more delicate stars made using gold cut vinyl were also added to display cases. We produced bespoke sprayed MDF ‘shoulders’ which sat perfectly on the corner of each wall units allowing us to delicately display cut to shape di-bond stars and matt acrylic watch animations.


Towards the back of the boutique there is a very grand stainless steel clad staircase, covering two floors in height. Using a new material which doesn’t leave any residue (though stays firmly in place), we utilised the same star and time pieces in the three colours spread across the entire wall and finished with a large format print of Bella herself. This created the perfect backdrop when looking into the boutique from Oxford Street.


We also produced a larger than life 3 x 3.5 meter step and repeat area where Bella could reveal her timepiece and have that all important photo opportunity. This was a V-shaped area made using 3mm foamex fixed to a wooden frame on hinges. The logo pattern was cut from crisp gold metallic vinyl. Behind this step and repeat we printed and installed large format banners – no less than 7m high – one of which included the new advertising graphics featuring Bella and her timepiece and the other featured the cascading stars as seen in the windows.

Along their central lighting track we added nine pendant fittings with large retro filament bulbs, all at varying heights – this additional warm lighting really made the boutique glow and gave the space a sense of decadence.


The finishing touches included a red carpet for Bella’s arrival, gold ropes and posts and vases of white birch, gold birch and silver birch to tie in the colour scheme throughout and give a little nod to Christmas without being too traditional.

We hope you’ll agree that the boutique certainly looked fit for a world famous model and the launch of such a spectacular new product.

If you have an event coming up and are looking for support from room dress to printed graphics, get in touch with us and we’d be more than happy to take a look.



East India Company Christmas Windows

We love working with new and old friends and this Christmas we were approached by some new friends at the East India Company. Now, these guys know tea better than anyone else, along with coffee, biscuits and incredible tea sets so we knew from the initial brief that these windows would require something very intricate and special.

Taking their Christmas packaging and gift wrap as the instal inspirations and their stunning kaleidoscope design made up from all the different patterns connected to their brand from around the world we were tasked to design and implement Christmas windows in five locations:

Conduit Street – their flagship store in London.

Covent Garden Piazza and Long Acre – two very unique stores at the heart of the tourist epicentre.

Edinburgh – a beautiful store with very specific windows and central in-store design.

Westfield – not exactly a window but we needed to create a festive element in this concessional area.

Following site visits we began working on samples, materials and renders so that when we presented our pitch to the team they could really visualise our ideas and envision how thy would fit into their windows.

The pitch went well and they loved our ideas, we even thought up a few additional treats with them during the meeting. This is what we love the most, working closely with our client so ideas bounce off each other.

With the concept signed off, along with a few additional elements, we went to work planning the quantities of each item and how each store would be installed.

Below is a breakdown of the elements we produced:

Hanging Kaleidoscopes

DTM printed frame, cut to shape and mounted onto an acrylic gold mirror circle. Drilled and fixed together to ensure stability.

Red baubles and faux Holly stems

To scatter amongst the shelves, on counter displays and in the windows.

Gold cut vinyl on glass

One of the EIC stand out assets has to be their gorgeous gold detailing. Whether that be their connection lines, repeat patterns or text. The cut lettering would add a taste of Christmas to their windows.

Triangular Prism Risers and window base boards

Made from Gold mirror acrylic, 3D triangular prisms in various heights and widths which would be used as risers in the windows as well as bases for specific products within the store.

Shelf Kits (base boards and Kaleidoscopes)

Smaller versions of the Kaleidoscope foamed cut out to be placed alongside products or at the back of shelves to complement the gold mirror bases under christmas products.

Spinning Platforms

For use in windows, gold spinning platforms to sit on top of the triangular prism risers so that hero products such as teapots or christmas inspired teas can be showcased effectively. The moving element also helps attract a customers eye as they walk past. The light would pick up the mirrored areas and great a ‘glitter ball’ effect around the window.

A-Board Graphics

3mm foamed panels, DTM printed with the EIC graphics and placed onto A-Boards to continue the Christmas concept in and outside the store.

Plinth wrap

For the Westfield Concession we needed to wrap their main circular fixture to bring some of the concept into the area.

We hope you’l agree that all the elements added a ref sense of tradition to the EIC windows and in-store display.

The rich colours and textures teamed with the Christmas packaging and hampers provides a real sense of luxurious Christmas.

Check out initial renders and the finished product following installation below:


Close up Of Kaleidoscope_01-1

Window Option2_01



This week we took ourselves to Edinburgh to complete the East India Company Wellness and Chakra window installations (check out our portfolio where we give you the details of this exciting window). Edinburgh welcomed us with open arms and luckily we just missed the snow. The city is so full of history and character, it was refreshing to take in new sights.

Once back in the studio we were all hands on deck for another major roll out for Alex and Ani (wholesale and retail) which required various prints as well as over 300 pieces of slate – a great tactile material we have enjoyed working with.

Brainstorming, sketching and planning kept us busy too as we are preparing for Valentine’s installations as well as new collection in-store vm treatments. Whoever said January was a quiet month?! Busy is just the way we like it.

If you need any support with in-store vm treatments, window installations, props or POS then get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.



Bespoke props were on the menu this week, over 250 of them to be exact. Our friends at Swarovski tasked us to create a pen inlay which could be integrated into their existing on counter spinners – the results are very smart and sleek, yet functional. We are looking forward to these being used in boutiques in the UK and Ireland.

We’ve also been out and about installing windows this week. The East India Company have launched their ‘Chakra’ and ‘Earthed Alchemy’ concepts both of which promote new and exciting wellness tea blends which would help conquer those January blues. Keep a look out for a portfolio report all about who the window designs developed and how we produced and installed them.




Posting a little later than planned but we had a jam packed first week back in the studio. From smoke machines to 300 store roll outs, we are doing what we do best – providing VM services to clients new and continuing. Have a look below to see what we have been getting up to so far this year.



Christmas Time, Mistletoe and wine…

What a week! Most of you are probably slowing down and getting ready for Christmas but here in the studio we are busy preparing for forth-coming projects due to be installed as soon as we are back in January. Rather than giving anything away we thought we would utilise our Christmas creative to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Team Bright Leaf.





Whilst we have been fighting off the dreaded winter cold [sips honey and lemon] we have been non-stop this week with sale roll outs, event set-ups and brain storming for up coming window projects. Also, just in case you missed it, it’s Christmas! So we have been designing Christmas cards, wrapping gifts and generally getting all festive in the studio.

Here’s a quick round up below.



This week we have been sorted point of sale roll outs, preparing pitches for Spring 2018 and setting up a store event in the brand new TAG Heuer boutique, Oxford Street as their special visitor and brand ambassador Bella Hadid will be on hand to launch her new limited edition watch. We’ve been installing lights, floor vinyls, wall vinyls and extra large fabric printed wall graphics.

We get that satisfying feeling inside when our renders match the finished product to the smallest of details and love it when out client is as happy and as proud as we are.



Bright Leaf On Creative – our 30th instalment!

We’ve read that you’re not quite right if you don’t come in from the outside and say ‘Cor blimey it’s freezing it’s out there’…and we agree! As the weather takes a slight turn this week we have been revelling in real and faux snow, listening to carols as we put our creative caps on whilst preparing for exclusive events and nationwide roll outs. You’ll have to wait until next week until we can reveal the exciting events we’ll be installing so check back for more details soon.

You’ll notice we’ve popped a little note in this weeks BLOC about our services as clients are always pleasantly surprised when they find out we also offer project management and VM consultancy as well as our bespoke props, graphics and event design. Our services area gives you an even better idea so do get in touch if you think we can help with any future projects or events.





Things are ramping up as it’s less than 35 days until Christmas…Black Friday is in full swing and we’re even beginning to work on Sale roll outs.

Not only have we been out and about at pitches, installations and site visits we have also been busy drawing and designing for new projects whilst also finding time to sneak in a mint hot chocolate to sweeten up the dark early evenings.

Why not take five and check out our week’s creative musings below and also read a little about how our renders help support our creative pitches.

Using our VM know how we’ve created full renders for one of our favourite clients this week. A very special one off event is coming up and we find our renders are the best way to visualise our ideas. The renders are exact, scaled down versions of the clients space with our creative overlaid on top, and what we like best of all is how similar the finished product resembles the digital version (you can find examples of these in our portfolio section here). We aim to do this for all pitches which require a visual interpretation so if you have an event or project coming up and need some VM or design support then get in touch and we’d be happy to help.