Bright Leaf on Creative

WEEK 31 – August 2018

Our studio has been full of boxes – in all shapes and sizes – this week as we have been preparing for a major roll out for our friends at Swarovski. This roll out included printed leaflets (over 50,000) as well as cut to shape stickers, window clings, DTM foamex in-store graphics and smaller printed elements which complete their latest campaign POS package. As well as producing each of these items we also created artwork and amended global creative designs/text in order to suit the different countries they were destined for – for example, don’t you hate it when you are in the UK but see signage for Jewelry – it should be Jewellery every time.

The key is in the detail with large roll outs like the this one and we make sure we go through artwork and proofs very carefully to ensure we get everything just right.

Also this week we have been brainstorming and preparing for up coming window installations (we have one on Monday which we are so excited about completing…can’t wait to share with you early next week). Keep a look out on our Instagram page and you’ll be able to enjoy all our recent activities.