Week 25 – JUNE 2018

Pitches, presentation and plenty of planning! Those three things have been key this week (and most weeks) in our studio as we are preparing for our weekend install on site at Greenwich Peninsular. After months of design and calculations we are excited to be building our outdoor installation which will stay in place for three months as part of the Summer on the Peninsular programme – we are close to bursting as we wait to share pictures with you, but you’ll just have to keep an eye on our instagram for live updates over Sunday and Monday. Or better still, go for a visit to experience the fun yourself.

It’s set to be a hot one this weekend, and all of next week too which is great, although as we delve further into Christmas projects we’ll be feeling a little confused every-time we pop out of the studio…’What no snow?’

If you have any forthcoming projects or ideas, for Christmas (or beforehand) then get in touch as we’d be more than happy to help.