You, Me & Everyone – our inspiration conclusion

As this series has explained, we take inspiration from all manner of people- whether that be from musicians and artists to designers and architects. However, there is also inspiration to be found right in front of us.

You could be walking around the streets of London or taking a stroll along a long sandy beach and an idea might pop into your head. You might visit a museum or exhibition and your imagination might go into overdrive. You could even be standing in line waiting for your morning juice or a bus and have that light bulb moment providing you with the finishing touch to an idea.

But sometimes the best inspirational can be found in those you work with- your colleagues.

It is our very own colleagues who are the subject in the final instalment of our inspiration series.

In the Bright Leaf studio we have a large wooden table (think farm house kitchen style) which you could say is the heart of the studio. This is where we gather together to run through new projects and brain storm ideas and this is where some of our best ideas are born.

Collectively (and as outlined in our Series Series) our expertise and wide ranging experience across window display, events, retail, teaching and design means that when one of us is a little stumped by a concept or we’re ‘umming and ahhhhing’ over the smallest of details we look to our colleagues for support.

Our colleagues are our second pair of eyes or the voice of reason when we might let our imagination run a little wild.

The beauty of having a creative group of people around us is that we can take ideas even further because everyone is different, we each have our own vision.

For example if we received a brief for a giant American Flag to hang in Regent Street one of us might instantly think of this being manufactured using acrylics with working lights and the other might think about researching flag makers, fabrics and ribbons. Likewise, when we brainstormed a recent project involving the launch of a new clothing brand we decided to break off come up with ideas and then reconvene to discuss. Naturally some ideas were almost identical (well, we do work with each other five days a week) but then there were the more left field ideas, which when discussed, were bounced around and grew into the final proposal which was loved by us and signed off by our client. A true example of inspiration coming together and creating a great end result.

We all have our own strengths and we all bring different qualities to the table.

You probably don’t even realise how much inspiration can be found in those directly around you, perhaps at times it’s even subliminally occurring. We’re very glad of it and so want to thank our colleagues and our clients for the constant inspiration.

If you have any forthcoming projects or events that you would like us to think about or even if you just want to come to visit our big wooden table, feel free to get in touch.

This is the table by the way….