Cerith Wyn Evans – our inspirational Artist

Providing you with a glimpse into where we find some of our inspiration and to kick off our next series we want to talk Art – contemporary conceptual artist, sculptor and film-maker Cerith Wyn Evans is our subject this week.

If you’re not familiar with his work then you’ll soon see why many draw on his work for inspiration within VM in all manor of ways.

Wyn Evans began his career as a filmmaker and throughout the 1980s made his own short experimental films. In the 1990s he came to focus more on sculpture and installation art, creating works that often include found or remembered texts from film, philosophy, poetry and literature. It was in 2014 during a visit to the Serpentine Sackler Gallery that he caught our eye. This show was a mini retrospective, bringing together neon, video and installation in a very modern, clean setting. We spent a long while slowly meandering around the space, often transfixed by the colours and effect his iconic work has.

Wyn Evans use of kinetic light, sound and text is what makes his work stand out. As Visual Merchandisers we are always looking for revamped ways to interest a passer by and through reviewing some of his pieces we can certainly find inspiration.

As mentioned, most of his work derives from his noticeable interest in language and communication and this was certainly clear in the collection featured at the Serpentine.

His use of repetition and flashing light adds another dimension to the work, for example S=U=P=E=R=S=T=R=U=C=T=U=R=E (pictured) – a seven floor to ceiling columns containing thousands of tubular lights which fades to black to then suddenly come back to life. Not only would you feel the extreme heat generated by this installation, you’d also be dazzled by the sheer strength of the light.

Likewise in his series of chandelier sculptures he uses light to represent morse code, translating text into light form; a thoroughly exciting and unusual method of communication.

More recently almost 2km of neon lighting, suspended from the ceiling and configured into straight lines, sweeping curves and spiralling forms appear as the basis of his latest commission for Tate Britain. Like an illuminated doodle or clusters of lines and shapes you can’t help but find inspiration in his work.


We’re currently working on simultaneous projects which involve neon and LED lighting – a definite trend filtering through the highstreet at the moment and one of the most noticeable elements to any window campaign and seeing Wyn Evan’ most recent work certainly gave us added creative flare.

If like us, you feel Wyn Evans’ work may inspire you then head down to Tate Britain and check out the latest commission by Cerith Wyn Evans- Forms in Space…by Light (in Time) is at the Duveen Galleries, Tate Britain until August 2017.