If you’re anything like us then you hate throwing things away.
Firstly, you never know when you might need it again and secondly, we hate waste- especially when there’s nothing wrong with something but you just don’t have the space to store it.

Our studio has been bursting at the seams with old props and VM paraphernalia that we just didn’t want to see go to the prop ‘farm’ so we were really pleased when our lovely new friend Clare told us about a charity group she works with that collect used props and VM materials for cocktail evenings in care homes.

What they do is create themed cocktail evenings (only a few hours at a time) in care homes. They look for items that could be used as part of these themed events such as props, party decor, barware, wearables, fabrics (for tablecloths and bunting) as well as tactile and fun objects that could really bring an event to life.
So for example, we’ve just donated rubber ducks and straws as well as cuttings of astro turf and wood samples!

Cocktails in Care Homes’ is run by Magic Me, an arts charity that specialises in bringing older and younger people together. They ‘aim for each party to be a fabulous social event that just happens to be held in a care home, which anyone, regardless of age, would like to attend. Our parties are attended by residents, their relatives and care staff’. Such a simple and lovely idea.

The ‘Cocktails in Care Homes’ team are always looking for volunteer party hosts and decor donations so sign up, get in touch and get involved. It’s really simple and you just attend a short induction session before being able to sign up to as many or as few parties as you like each month.

From all we have read online it’s popularity is growing which means no more prop ‘farm’ for us- we’ll be supporting them wherever we can.